CLINT ARTHUR is a Celebrity Entrepreneur & Personal Branding Expert, the #1 Bestselling Author of What They Teach You at The Wharton Business School, as well as Speaking Game: 7-Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed, and Celebrity Entrepreneurship. Clint Arthur and his work have inspired the feature documentary Celebrity Entrepreneur, an Official Selection in 10+ film festivals and competitions.

Clint has transformed 1300+ Entrepreneurs & Experts into Celebrities in the eyes of Customers & Prospects using his “Mathematical Formula for Impact, Influence, Income, and Celebrity Expert Authority Personal Brand,” using VIP Speaking at Harvard Clubs, Nasdaq, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, West Point and New York City Bar Association, and Local TV Media Training on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX Network News, as marketing assets to stand out in crowded marketplaces.

Here are several Clint Arthur reviews, testimonials of Real Results from Clint Arthur’s clients and the Celebrities he has shared the stage with:

“Clint Arthur is My Secret Weapon” – Lisa Sasevich
“Clint Arthur’s Training 3Xed My Sales in 1 Day” – Mike Koenigs

“Coaches NEED Coaches — and Clint Arthur is an incredible coach!”

“Clint Arthur is The Real Thing” – Dan Kennedy

Clint Arthur and Dan Kennedy

Clint is Dan Kennedy’s reigning GKIC Info-Marketer of the Year

“Quadrupled Sales” 
– Rondi Lambeth

“Now, whenever someone calls into the call center, we ask them: ‘Hey — did you see our CEO on TV, or did you hear him speak at Harvard?’ That’s made all the difference. As a direct result of attending Clint Arthur’s event, we have QUADRUPLED our sales. In fact, in this quarter, we’ve already done more business this year than we’ve done all of last year. If you want to take Your Business and Celebrity Status to the Next Level, you gotta get with Clint Arthur!

“Expert Story Summit was my pleasure” 
– Caitlyn Jenner

“Expert Story Summit at Harvard Club of Boston with Clint Arthur… a lot of fun, a lot of great questions, and I think we accomplished something today. It’s my pleasure.”

“$925,000 Additional Revenues in 6 Months” 
– Will Nobles

“I actually got 2 meetings to go & talk to clients just from saying that I was going to speak at NASDAQ. So before I even spoke at NASDAQ with Clint Arthur, and when I landed those clients, they were worth $300,000 in revenue for me. I’ve been speaking across the country in CEO roundtable groups. Thanks to Clint Arthur, because I’ve now got NASDAQ in my background, just that one area has been worth $400,000 in new revenues. Then a CFO called me and said: ‘Hey, we spoke 2.5-3 years ago. I’ve been seeing what you’re doing. I think we’re ready to make a change. Can you come in and talk?’ I’ve done the math for NASDAQ altogether — and with getting that 1 new client, it’d be $925,000 in new revenue just from speaking at NASDAQ with Clint Arthur.”

Jonathan Goldsmith, Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World”

“I’ve never enjoyed myself more. Clint Arthur was an Interesting host, to say the least — a very innovative and interesting group of entrepreneurs from many walks of life.”

“If you ever have a chance to work with Clint Arthur, DO IT!” – Dr. Joanny Liu

“I want to talk to you about Clint Arthur and his wonderful programs. I started out with Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad to get in front of TV news producers and get on their shows. You know, Clint Arthur has a reputation for being a slave-driver, but it’s all in love! He really wants to see us succeed — and we do succeed. That’s the wonderful thing. I’ve grown so much because of the programs I’ve done with Clint Arthur. Now, I’m at Harvard Club of Boston, and it’s been an amazing trip. Oh man, I had to talk about something that was so difficult for me — but I managed to pull it off. If it wasn’t for Clint’s coaching and his love for me and the work I do, I don’t think anybody else could help me the way he does. If you ever have a chance to work with Clint Arthur, do it — and do what he tells you to do!

“Why would a busy mom do Clint’s seminar twice? RESULTS.” – Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

“This is the second time I’ve been to Celebrity Launchpad with Clint Arthur. I’m a really busy mom with a busy schedule. So what makes a busy mom go to Clint’s event twice? RESULTS. Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad gives you more transformation than anything else you’ll do. If you want to get booked on TV, and you want to be a Celebrity, nobody can coach you like Clint Arthur can.”

“Clint Arthur’s Harvard Event 3X’ed My Revenues” – Bobbie Lind

“Hey, I’m Bobbie Lind, and my husband spoke at Harvard with Clint Arthur last year. Because of the networking & the people he met there, that’s turned into actual clients and expanded my business. Because of that, I’ve gotten the gig I’m at, and it increased my revenue almost 300%.”

“Doubled Production” – Mike Martinez, The Pension Group

“Personally, with Clint Arthur’s mentorship, there’s been a lot of changes & growth for me. Business-wise, there’s been HUGE growth. This year, I’ve done more production in 1 quarter than I did all of last year.”

As Featured On ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX
Clint Arthur Has Spoken At NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, the New York City Bar, West Point Military Academy, and Harvard Club of Boston

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Steve Larsen Invited to Speak at “Living Legends” at Carnegie Hall

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Stephen Larsen, Russell Brunson’s #1 Funnel Hacker, to share offer-creating expertise at “Clint Arthur Presents: Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing” at Carnegie Hall, September 2019

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