CLINT ARTHUR is a Celebrity Entrepreneur & Personal Branding Expert, the #1 Bestselling Author of What They Teach You at The Wharton Business School, as well as Speaking Game: 7-Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed, and Celebrity Entrepreneurship. Clint Arthur and his work have inspired the feature documentary Celebrity Entrepreneur, an Official Selection in 10+ film festivals and competitions (and Winner in 2 festivals); he was also the host of the revered Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing conference at Carnegie Hall, featuring Martha Stewart, Ice-T & Coco, Walter O’Brien (Scorpion), Michael Gerber, and more.

Clint has transformed 1300+ Entrepreneurs & Experts into Celebrities in the eyes of Customers & Prospects using his “Mathematical Formula for Impact, Influence, Income, and Celebrity Expert Authority Personal Brand,” using VIP Speaking at Harvard Clubs, Nasdaq, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, West Point and New York City Bar Association, and Local TV Media Training on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX Network News, as marketing assets to stand out in crowded marketplaces.

Here are several Clint Arthur reviews, testimonials of Real Results from Clint Arthur’s clients and the Celebrities he has shared the stage with:

Suzanne Somers reviewing Clint Arthur

“My second event with Clint Arthur was even better than the first! Clint’s group is GREAT, it’s an engaged group, it’s an interested group, and there was a lot of energy and I can feel what audiences want and I could just feel what they wanted from me. So it made it very easy for me. I always enjoy this. Clint Arthur takes good care of you, he feeds you well, you stay in a nice hotel, you get Natalie who takes care of you! It’s a good experience and Clint’s nice and smart.”

Suzanne Somers’ Husband, Alan Hamel

AH: “It’s a pleasure. It’s my second time.”
CA: “Would you come back for a third time?”
AH: “Let’s have an official invitation! Of course, the Clint Arthur Harvard event is great! It’s fun and you learn stuff!”

Lord Nigel Farage reviewing Clint Arthur

““We’re here at the London Stock Exchange, and I’ve just spoken at Clint’s event. Great event, great people, good fun!”

Invest in mentors, and none are better than us. Debra Bingham replies: "I agree whole heartedly! Ali and Clint are the best mentors I have ever worked with! All you have to do is SHOW UP! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for being my mentors and changing my life, my patients lives and my family’s life! For pushing me to be better than I ever thought I could be! You over deliver! You ROCK! See you Monday in beautiful London!"

Review of Clint Arthur's book WISDOM OF THE MEN:


Celebrity Launchpad #50 Review from client Maria Angelova

Barb Paulskiewicz on Clint Arthur: "You know EVERYONE I know who has done Celebrity Launch Pad, or has attended any of your events has had tremendous success. You really get results. Real results. The credibility that you help establish for us, the skill that you have of bringing out what we got inside is beautiful. Thank you Clint Arthur, Thank you Alison Savitch for being part of my success. P.S. Every time I see someone wearing hot pink, it reminds me of you too. I think every guy that has gone through one of your sessions owns one or more pink ties now!"

Clint Arthur Speaker Training Reviews

“Hey! It’s Marty Kupper here in New York City, and I’m with Clint and Ali. I’m with my partner, Dana Lam, and we’re the creators of the Surprise Date Challenge.

We’ve been here just 2 hours, and I gotta tell ya: this is the BEST EVENT that I’ve ever been to. Absolutely amazing!”

Q: What’s so great about it?

A: “You know what: the information that I’ve gotten in the first 2 hours… it’s incredible! And I’ve been to a ton of speaker events. 

If you really want to get trained by the pro, come and see Clint & Ali.”

15-year-old gets a BLAST out of Clint’s events…

Clint Arthur reviewing luxury Celebrity experiences

Clint Arthur publishes various reviews of the very nice hotels and luxury experiences & perks he gets to experience as a Celebrity Entrepreneur. He knows all about which 5-star hotels you should and SHOULDN’T stay at.

To see his recommendations and reviews, click the thumbnail below.

Now, here are many more reviews of Clint Arthur’s mentorship by his students…

Celebrity Launchpad Reviews

Princess Maryanne Parker on her experience with Clint Arthur: "I love you, guys! You literally made me who I am today! I didn't know nothing before I met you. You raised my standards to the stars!"

Read a Clint Arthur Review Here: Living Legends at Carnegie Hall

WHY Does the Founder of Invest More Money than Anybody in Clint Arthur’s Highest-Level Programs?


“My friend Spring has completely transformed with Clint Arthur’s mentoring and I was soooo moved!”

Video Reviews from Clint's "Living Legends" at Carnegie Hall

Clint Arthur gets Living Legends feedback aboard a cruise


Clint Arthur Review Blog Article | Entrepreneur documents her experience at Clint Arthur’s groundbreaking Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing conference at Carnegie Hall.

Click on the image below to read the article.

Living Legends at Carnegie Hall - Reviews from Elite Attendees

First-Time Speaker Makes Debut Appearance at Carnegie Hall - with Clint Arthur's help

Lisa Sasevich Reviews Clint Arthur: “My Secret Weapon”

“Clint Arthur’s Training 3Xed My Sales in 1 Day” – Mike Koenigs

“Coaches NEED Coaches — and Clint Arthur is an incredible coach!”

“Clint Arthur is The Real Thing” – Dan Kennedy

Clint Arthur and Dan Kennedy

Clint is Dan Kennedy’s reigning GKIC Info-Marketer of the Year

Clint's Guests on "The Greatest Show of All Time"

Sydney Biddle Barrows, 'The Mayflower Madam,' Reviews Clint Arthur

Sydney Biddle Barrows' review of Clint Arthur
Sydney Barrows, a speaker at Clint Arthur’s Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing event at Carnegie Hall, also gave video testimony of her Clint Arthur experience. View it below!

Doctor Graduates Clint Arthur Celebrity Launchpad: “Booked 11 Out of 12 Shows – TV’s Not Dead!”


Hey, I’m Dr. Ana-Maria Temple and I am a member of Freedom Practice Coaching. I am here at Celebrity Launchpad – this has been an absolutely A-MAZ-ING experience! 

It was about almost a year ago when I saw Clint Arthur on stage talking about this opportunity. I didn’t know what to make of it, I wasn’t sure… and THEN, he put up a whole slideshow of these FABULOUS doctors that are doing these amazing things and CRUSHING it in the market. I said, “I’m gonna beat THEM one day” — and that’s only been a few months ago! I signed up with Clint. 

My other dream was, I need to be on TV — because *I know* a lot of people think “social media is the thing…” but TV’s Not Dead, folks! I was like “I’m gonna be on TV” – ‘cause if it’s on TV, people BELIEVE it, and they change! 

I signed up with Clint Arthur – and here I am at Celebrity Launchpad #44 in Las Vegas. I’ve booked 11 out of 12 shows, including the BIGGEST markets in the country, like LA, Chicago, Orlando, which is national syndicated TV – because I’m Taking Over the World with Clint Arthur’s help! 

If you think that you don’t need this, you’re FOOLING yourself! It is great to have business coaches – *absolutely* they’ve taught me a million things that I need to do… Clint Arthur brings in the Marketing that takes your business to the next level. So don’t even think about it: Sign Up. It’s been a game-changer.

“Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad Got Me Booked by a Producer in a Top-3 Market”


Clint: Chavous Camp, you came to Celebrity Launchpad & observed a year ago, and now, you finally went through it. How do you feel?

Chavous Camp: I feel A-MAZ-ING! I got booked today by not 1, not 3… SIX (6) producers, including one in a TOP-3 market! It’s amazing! If you’re thinking about coming to Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad, you absolutely NEED to come. Have a few moments of GUTS – and SIGN UP TO-DAY!

“You can’t compare this Clint Arthur marketing event to anything else!”


Hey, I’m Leon Gabrielian. I just graduated from Celebrity Launchpad, and I thought it was… awesome! Perfect! Nothing like I’ve experienced before! Clint delivers and OVER-delivers, it’s just… you know, you can’t compare his event to anything else!

Clint Arthur Celebrity Entrepreneur mentorship got me the most views I’ve ever had on LinkedIn”


“Hey, Will Nobles here. I actually posted my Jimmy Carter photo on LinkedIn, and I’ve got the MOST views I’ve ever had of any post I ever did on LinkedIn – thank you Clint!”

Thanks to Clint Arthur, Doctor Overcomes Accent Issue and Books Himself on 5 TV Shows

Hey, I’m Dr. Gil Mejia from Tampa, Florida, and I’m the Medical Director of Rejuvenate Your Life. This is my first Celebrity Launchpad with Clint Arthur. I’m here in Las Vegas with a lot of CEOs — it was really, really an intense training… and you know what? It’s really good! Because they’re gonna train you under PRESSURE! Look – I have some issues with my accent… and yet, despite that, I was able to book FIVE TV appearances! Just look at that, man! So, you know… just hang out! Life is short – don’t be cheap. Thank you Clint, and thank you Ali!

Cardi B’s Dentist Returns to Celebrity Launchpad: “If you don’t do this with Clint, you’re crazy!”


Hey guys! This is Dr. Catrise Austin, The Queen of Smiles™! I am here in Las Vegas for the 2nd time of my Celebrity Launchpad – Clint & Ali are SO amazing, and this program is amazing! 

I did this program in 2017, and I’m back because I just wanted to take this thing to another level. Sometimes, you do things and you kind of slack off, or you don’t implement – THIS time, I wanted to come back, I have a new product, I’ve restructured my business – and THIS TIME, I did even BETTER than the first time, because I had the training, and I was able to implement everything I’ve learned over the last 2 years. If you’re out there, and you’ve done it once, and you’re thinking about doing it again but you’re not sure, let me tell you: this thing is ALWAYS evolving! My 1st Celebrity Launchpad was totally different from this one. So if you’re thinking about it, DO IT! I booked MORE shows this time, and I’m so excited to get out there and become even MORE of a superstar than I am today. I want to thank you, Clint & Ali, for being a dynamic duo and transforming my life. Love you guys!

You guys, if YOU don’t do Celebrity Launchpad with Clint Arthur, YOU’RE CRAZY!

A Dan Kennedy Titanium Member: “Clint Arthur, you’re the BEST!”

Hey, I’m Monica Main, and I’m a long time Dan Kennedy Titanium member – and I have to say coming into Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad is really actually transforming! I came in kind of like as a Wallflower, not really sure what to do… and I really kind of came out of my own element. It was originally kind of uncomfortable, but this is really transformational! I’ve been hiring a publicist, $5,000 a month, and what a WASTE of money that is – so I decided to come here, take the bull by the horns, do it myself, and really… this is gonna be life-changing for me. You’re going to see me on TV everywhere! I have such high hopes for this. I’m so so glad that I came. Thank you so much Clint – you’re the best!

Real Estate Expert books himself on 8 network TV shows at Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad


Just graduated from Celebrity Launchpad… and I didn’t really know what to expect. I know the power of TV. I have a podcast and there’s a ton of stuff that I do online – but I REALLY value the opportunity to get on TV. I got booked on 8 different networks, which is really exciting, and after being here, and being around other people that have been around Clint for a while & have been through Celebrity Launchpad before, I understand more than EVER the value of getting on TV and what that can do for my business, and what it can allow me to do to impact the world in my industry. Super excited to have officially graduated, and excited to start making some TV appearances. Thanks Clint!

Former NSA President: “Clint Arthur’s coaching is Creme de la Creme”


Hey, I’m Greg Williams, the Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert, and I just attended Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad. I’ve been to a LOT of coaching programs, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout my career for good training…THIS is something that’s CREME de la CREME – that means ABOVE the rest! That means top shelf for SURE! Truth be known… right now, I’m contemplating opening my wallet again – and I know it’s going to require a lifestyle change for me, because I’m literally all over the world, and now my problem is trying to figure out exactly how I can incorporate what it is that I have learned just at THIS event, such that I could take my life to even Higher heights. But what’s most important to me, is I’m creating a LEGACY for my kids, and I see this as a path upon which I can sail higher, and at the same time give them MORE from which they can sail higher too. I’m telling you, straight up, seriously, this thing, the Celebrity Launchpad that Clint Arthur and his lovely wife Ali have created, is above the rest. It is truly above the rest!

Matt Brauning 2nd Time at Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad: “Booked Another 6 Appearances”

Hey! I’m Matt Brauning, speaker/author/coach. I run my own training and seminar companies, and I’ve done so for 15 years. I’ve hired a lot of coaches – in fact, I hire a coach every single year – and this year, I hired Clint Arthur and his lovely wife Ali. Clint started off as my media coach…and I love it! It was the best thing I ever did, especially this year. This is my second time coming back to Celebrity Launchpad. On my first Celebrity Launchpad, I booked 6 appearances – and I ended up getting EIGHT after all, because Ali and Clint helped me (and they actually care!) This is my 2nd time coming back, and I booked another SIX – and it’ll probably turn into 8 or 9, so that means I’m gonna be in the range of like 15 TV appearances on NBC/ABC/CBS – and I got 2 or 3 Fox bookings just today! So super excited about that! The biggest thing I want to say is… Clint, Ali, thank you. You are the only coaches TRULY that I’ve had in the last 15 years that I can unequivocally say *care* more than I do about my success – and I care a lot! I’ve made more money because of it, I’ve raised my coaching rates because of the TV appearances, and all the way through it’s been consistent! I’ve also done other speaking gigs: I’ve spoken at Harvard Club with them, Nasdaq, and the New York City Bar. Every step of the way, whether it’s the video production, or how they lay out the event, or the schedule, the timing, the communication … it’s consistent, it’s professional – and like I said, they care, and I get the results because of it. Thanks Clint & Ali!

Doctor Returns to Clint Arthur’s Speaker Training – Closing Rate Now 60%

Hey, I’m Dr. Minni Malhotra, and I’m here at Clint Arthur’s Extreme VIP Speaker Training. Now, what brought me back here? 1 year ago, I was closing less than 30% in my dinner seminars. Today, I’m closing more than 60%! – because of the training Clint has given me, because of speaking at big events including the Harvard Club of Boston, Nasdaq, West Point, Mercedes, Coca-Cola… you name it!… and I even signed up for the NEXT 3 events! So if you are looking to change your business, if you’re looking to bring your business to the next level, This Is Where You Have To Be! Thank you, Clint!

Matt Brauning 2X’es Prices & Sales Thanks to Clint Arthur

After this event, I went and did my first 5 appearances – cause I was shocked that all the producers emailed back and said “great!” – and they actually wanted to HAVE me! The little voice inside my head said “they’re not gonna want me…” but they all said YES. After I got my first 5 appearances done, I immediately deployed it. The way I did it: sure, I put it on the website and YouTube and everything… but ONE of the things I did, is if you speak or teach or coach or anything at all for a living, which I know a lot of us do, I made one slide in my PowerPoint, my next presentation, where I just put 5 clips, just screen grabs of me on NBC/ABC/CBS – and I put those on. Now, in my PowerPoint, when I say “Who am I?” I say “here’s the picture of me with selfies … and here’s a picture of me with my family … “ and then I go “OH – and I do TV and media all the time and I have a picture of me on TV” – BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM – I took my OWN elite package pricing, I doubled the pricing. Usually I sell one, maybe two… I sold FOUR at that event, so I doubled the amount of sales, and I doubled the DOLLAR amount of sales … which came out to A $200,000 difference in revenue. I believe that was 100% because Clint pushed me to deploy the TV assets, and I’m glad I did.

Tony Robbins grad gets “butterflies” from Clint Arthur’s training


“SOooooooOOO! I did my first event with Clint & Ali on February 11, 2019. September 11 will be my 7th month-versary with Clint & Ali – and at that first Clint Arthur Nasdaq event, there were 40-something people in the room. I was sitting at the first row, then I was in the second row, and then I was in the LAST row… and as the day went on (and my name isn’t Paul!) I was getting more & more petrified! Finally, Ali said to me “you’re next after this one” – and I was all excited! I’m like “I’m gonna crush this!” 

I practiced a lot, I was so excited, I did my Tony Robbins Power Move… I went up there and Clint says “… the president and founder of Toss C3 Corporation, GREG HANNA!” and as I’m walking up there, I felt like a baby… my knees were knocking!… I mean I was SO SCARED! I thought I was gonna throw up, pass out, I didn’t know what was gonna happen, I almost faltered! 

But SOMEHOW, I made it to the podium, and I got through it. I can tell you now, today, well sure – “you still get a little butterflies!” Right? As Clint says… Elvis said: “Honey, every time I get up on stage, I still feel them butterflies” – so anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ve stretched way outside my comfort zone. and it was a great night last night, and we went to some amazing places with some amazing friends — we’ve had an amazing time, and I learned a lot about a lot of you. But don’t worry – it’s still in Vegas, and it’ll Stay in Vegas!”

The Power of Clint Arthur’s Promise


I now have the courage and the desire and the “who-am-I?”… I’m a BAD-ASS! And I got LA!

This time at Celebrity Launchpad is TONS DIFFERENT than my first time. My first segment was “Creative Budget Structures for the Holidays.” WOOOOOAHHH… I got booked on almost every segment. You know what, guys? That just shows you that Performance is more important than the topic, I think, because – I don’t know, it was a great topic – but I GOT BOOKED!

Titanium has really helped, because – I’m booked in LA. There is NO FREAKING WAY I am going to LA WITHOUT CLINT ARTHUR. That’s not happening… unless I’m, like, a rock star by then. But I want that security – because if you bomb in LA… holy CRAP! That would be *reaaaaaallly bad.* For Clint Arthur’s Titanium Coaching, there’s always a way to make things work – because as everybody sits around with their ‘this,’ or their Starbucks, or their WHATEVER – if you want something bad enough (and I’m a lady about money!), money should never be something that stands in your way.

Rondi Lambeth Reviews Clint Arthur: “QUADRUPLED Sales”

“Now, whenever someone calls into the call center, we ask them: ‘Hey — did you see our CEO on TV, or did you hear him speak at the Harvard Faculty Club?’ That’s made all the difference. As a direct result of attending Clint Arthur’s event, we have QUADRUPLED our sales. In fact, in this quarter, we’ve already done more business this year than we’ve done all of last year. If you want to take Your Business and Celebrity Status to the Next Level, you gotta get with Clint Arthur!

“Expert Story Summit was my pleasure” 
– Caitlyn Jenner

“Expert Story Summit at Harvard Club of Boston with Clint Arthur… a lot of fun, a lot of great questions, and I think we accomplished something today. It’s my pleasure.”

“$925,000 Additional Revenues in 6 Months” 
– Will Nobles

“I actually got 2 meetings to go & talk to clients just from saying that I was going to speak at NASDAQ. So before I even spoke at NASDAQ with Clint Arthur, and when I landed those clients, they were worth $300,000 in revenue for me. I’ve been speaking across the country in CEO roundtable groups. Thanks to Clint Arthur, because I’ve now got NASDAQ in my background, just that one area has been worth $400,000 in new revenues. Then a CFO called me and said: ‘Hey, we spoke 2.5-3 years ago. I’ve been seeing what you’re doing. I think we’re ready to make a change. Can you come in and talk?’ I’ve done the math for NASDAQ altogether — and with getting that 1 new client, it’d be $925,000 in new revenue just from speaking at NASDAQ with Clint Arthur.”

Jonathan Goldsmith, Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World”

“I’ve never enjoyed myself more. Clint Arthur was an Interesting host, to say the least — a very innovative and interesting group of entrepreneurs from many walks of life.”

How Sandi Masori endorses Clint Arthur's book What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School: "Look what my kid packed to take to Berkeley with him?"
One of Clint Arthur's testimonials from Dave Nassaney: "Clint, I really love you man! What a great interview. I don’t remember ever hearing that story about you and Ali ‘s marriage being on the rocks and spending $30,000 in counseling, what a great story, what a great testimony to your commitment to each other. You really have changed my life, and I will forever be grateful, you have given me a new mindset, I don’t think the same way anymore, I don’t act the same way anymore, and if you ask me what is the most important thing that I have learned, that you have taught me, it is that tomorrow is not promised. I am living today as if it was my last day. Thank you for that brother. You’re taking me on a journey that has been the most exciting part of my life, who would’ve ever thought that it was possible for the the last years of our lives, the golden years, the final homestretch, can be this good, you are awesome! And Ali, I love you too!!!!!"

Kenny Atchison reviews CLINT ARTHUR's book "Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV"

“I IMMEDIATELY got booked on TV in San Antonio!”
“Hey Clint! Kenny Atchison here from I read your book, Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV. RIGHT AWAY, I got booked on TV – actually, in a big city, in San Antonio. To be honest, when I got Clint’s book, I thought “you know what? I’ll read it…” typically in books, you’ll get some good ideas and then they’ll tease you to buy something else. But I actually READ the book, and that alone helped me to get on TV. So I appreciate it. Great job, Clint Arthur.”

“If you ever have a chance to work with Clint Arthur, DO IT!” – Dr. Joanny Liu

“I want to talk to you about Clint Arthur and his wonderful programs. I started out with Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad to get in front of TV news producers and get on their shows. You know, Clint Arthur has a reputation for being a slave-driver, but it’s all in love! He really wants to see us succeed — and we do succeed. That’s the wonderful thing. I’ve grown so much because of the programs I’ve done with Clint Arthur. Now, I’m at Harvard Club of Boston, and it’s been an amazing trip. Oh man, I had to talk about something that was so difficult for me — but I managed to pull it off. If it wasn’t for Clint’s coaching and his love for me and the work I do, I don’t think anybody else could help me the way he does. If you ever have a chance to work with Clint Arthur, do it — and do what he tells you to do!

“Why would a busy mom do Clint’s seminar twice? RESULTS.” – Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

“This is the second time I’ve been to Celebrity Launchpad with Clint Arthur. I’m a really busy mom with a busy schedule. So what makes a busy mom go to Clint’s event twice? RESULTS. Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad gives you more transformation than anything else you’ll do. If you want to get booked on TV, and you want to be a Celebrity, nobody can coach you like Clint Arthur can.”

“Clint Arthur’s Harvard Event 3X’ed My Revenues” – Bobbie Lind

“Hey, I’m Bobbie Lind, and my husband spoke at the Harvard Faculty Club with Clint Arthur last year. Because of the networking & the people he met there, that’s turned into actual clients and expanded my business. Because of that, I’ve gotten the gig I’m at, and it increased my revenue almost 300%.”

“Doubled Production” – Mike Martinez, The Pension Group

“Personally, with Clint Arthur’s mentorship, there’s been a lot of changes & growth for me. Business-wise, there’s been HUGE growth. This year, I’ve done more production in 1 quarter than I did all of last year.”

A Clint Arthur text message testimonial from Rudi Pijnnaken: "I want you to know how impressed I am with your work. You and Ali overdeliver and make celebrities of people who I thought would never make it. You my man are a gift to many people including me. You earned every piece of your success!! Love you!!! Oh and thank you for your book!! You are my new hero!! Please pass on to Ali. You are a beautiful couple, an inspiration!!”
Matthew Loop with Clint Arthur: "Hanging out with the one and only Clint Arthur! We invited him to speak this year and he lit up the stage. Our #SMRS19 attendees loved his presentation on celebrity branding and they also got access to a special VIP opportunity. When you understand the science and art of positioning at the highest level, everything gets easier. You become the only logical choice no matter how crowded the market is. Status elevation is the one thing so many overlook and yet it’s arguably the most powerful thing you can do to build authority in ANY market."
As Featured On ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX
Clint Arthur Has Spoken At NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, the New York City Bar, West Point Military Academy, and Harvard Club of Boston

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Clint Arthur’s “The Greatest Show of All Time” on 77 WABC Radio to feature Dan S. Kennedy and Walter O’Brien as guests, sharing the importance of mentorship and the “Mathematical Formula for Success”

Clint Arthur to Host “The Greatest Show Of All Time” on 77 WABC Radio

Category: Business | Published: May 26, 2019

Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur will be hosting “The Greatest Show Of All Time” on 77 WABC Radio, the #1 Talk Radio station in the #1 market in America, beginning on June 8, 2019

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